Double Exposure


Coming Fall 2024


Elissa R. Sloan, author of The Unraveling of Cassidy Holmes, returns with a sweeping drama about two A-list stars—and former star couple—as they cross each other’s paths over and over again through the years, in a story that examines the work we have to do in order to grow into the people we want to become.


Maiko Fox and Adrian Hightower were young, beautiful, in love … and famous. The latest model to grace the Valentina Posh runway show and the hottest new superhero actor on the block are Hollywood’s breakout couple. They’re on every magazine, every blog post, every E! News report. Their work pulls millions of dollars and millions of fans, and their off-stage antics garner just as much attention as their actual jobs.


They were box-office gold, celebs that could pay for a paparazzo’s kid’s braces—and send them to college and grad school—and everyone couldn’t get enough.


But then things crumbled.


Years later, with Adrian topping the Hollywood A-list as a writer and director, dating the country’s biggest pop star, and Maiko starring in new movies with her producer-director husband and with a child of her own, they live totally different lives. But they can never be too far apart.


As time marches on, Maiko and Adrian cross each other’s paths and slowly become more and more entangled until they might just deliver on the romantic reunion that fans have been clamoring for, for 20 years…