Author Events

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Past Events

02/16/23 6pm CT

VIRTUAL EVENT with Gibsons Bookstore. Chatting with Laura Hankin about Hayley Aldridge Is Still Here and 2000s culture (her book The Daydreams, out May 2, is also in that era!)

02/15/23 7pm CT

09/01/20 6pm CT/7pm ET

In-person launch for Hayley Aldridge Is Still Here at BookPeople, in conversation with Amanda Bestor-Siegal.

Virtual launch event for The Unraveling of Cassidy Holmes with Gibsons Bookstore. Click here for more information.

09/03/20 7pm CT

Virtual event with BookPeople (Austin) in conversation with Amanda Eyre Ward. Click here for information.

Catch Interviews and Podcasts


• The Author Stories Podcast with Hank Garner — episode 950

• The Inside Flap Podcast — episode Popstars and Fame 

• Lori and Julia’s book club — The Unraveling of Cassidy Holmes