The unraveling of

Cassidy Holmes

In vein of Daisy Jones & The Six and Everything I Never Told You, this debut novel probes the dark side of fame after a former pop star ends her own life.


Cassidy Holmes isn’t just a celebrity.


She is “Sassy Gloss,” the fourth member of the hottest pop group America has ever seen. Hotter than Britney dancing with a snake, hotter than Christina getting dirrty, Gloss was the pop act that everyone idolized. Fans couldn’t get enough of them, their music, and the drama that followed them like moths to a flame—until the group’s sudden implosion in 2002. And at the center of it all was Sassy Cassy, the Texan with a signature smirk that had everyone falling for her.


But now she’s dead. Suicide.


The world is reeling from this unexpected news, but no one is more shocked than the three remaining Glossies. Fifteen years ago, Rose, Merry, and Yumi had been the closest to Cassidy, and this loss is hitting them hard. Before the group split, they each had a special bond with Cassidy—truths they told, secrets they shared. But after years apart, each of them is wondering: what could they have done?


Told in multiple perspectives—including Cassidy herself—and different timelines, this is a behind-the-scenes look into the rise and fall of a pop icon, and a penetrating examination of the dark side of celebrity and the industry that profits from it.

Sloan takes on the fraught topic of mental illness coupled with the pressure of fame in her sensational debut… The dark side of fame is evident throughout this spirited and expertly plotted story… Sloan’s debut will leave readers eagerly awaiting her next outing.
Publishers Weekly
Starred Review
A page-turning peek inside the glamour and brutality of life as a pop star… A wild ride through the world of music video shoots, expensive hotels, and arena tours — showing us the darkness that threatens just below the surface. 
Taylor Jenkins Reid
NYT Bestselling Author of Daisy Jones and the Six
I didn’t know I was waiting for a smart, literary writer to craft a novel about the rise and fall of a teen star akin to Britney Spears until I discovered The Unraveling of Cassidy Holmes… A witty, bright, hilarious—and at times devastating—read… I loved it.
Amanda Eyre Ward
NYT Bestselling Author of The Jetsetters