Announcing Hayley Aldridge!

Hi everyone! I wanted to share some news. THE UNSHACKLING OF HAYLEY ALDRIDGE is coming from William Morrow Books in February 2023!

This story was inspired by the documentary #kid90 by Soleil Moon-Frye on Hulu and the #freebritney movement — and basically all of the tabloid stories I read growing up from 10 years old to now. The story follows Hayley from age 7 to 38, as she battles a conservatorship that she has been under for the last decade of her life.

In my last book, THE UNRAVELING OF CASSIDY HOLMES, I explored a little bit of what HAYLEY’s story is about: toxic media. Hostile coworkers. Depression and mental illness. The machinations of a scrutinizing and unforgiving industry. Hayley’s story will dive into these even more, and also includes toxic parents, abuses of the law, the fickleness of fans — and the undying devotion of others.

I know some people will think it’s exploitative for me to write a story based on an actress stuck in a conservatorship. I just hope that those who disapprove will have read CASSIDY and know that I’m coming to this story with compassion for the fictional Hayley. I hope that, by the time this book publishes in 2023, Britney will have been freed and living her best life. This book is NOT a Britney documentary. This is about a fictional character who just happens to live in the same Hollywood that would allow this situation to happen to another young woman. I hope you all will like this new book and add it to your TBRs ❤️ thank you.

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